Top Bootstrap Website Templates Of 2019 for Businesses

Bootstrap Website Templates

(Updated on 31st January 2019 ) Websites are often considered as web advertising billboards by many businessmen because they have the ability to improve the sales of a company by luring in hundreds or thousands of potential customers.  From the above statement, it is evident that websites play a crucial role in the growth of both small-scale and large-scale businesses. This is why website developers and designers strive hard and put in extra efforts when they are creating a business website.

An elegantly designed, incredibly flexible, and highly responsive business website that comes with a user-friendly interface, smooth navigation, and advanced functionality will surely help you to build a strong online presence for your brand. If your business website lacks the above-mentioned attributes, then you will surely find it extremely hard to transform your potential clients into customers.

If you are new to the world of web designing, then you might not know that Bootstrap is one of the best and simplest ways through which you can create a website. Bootstrap can be defined as a popular CSS Framework that is used to develop mobile-first and responsive websites. Thousands of web developers and designers from all over the globe have been heavily relying on this open source framework to design websites.

Several businessmen and users who have never heard of Bootstrap often ask why web designers prefer to use this framework. Bootstrap is actually a powerful foundation that offers a number of necessary options and tools that are essential for developing a website. In addition to that, this mobile-first toolkit can even be used with both Drupal and WordPress platforms. As a result, there has been a considerable increase in the popularity of Bootstrap over the last few years.

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Why You Should Use Bootstrap Framework

In short, web developers and designers who use the Bootstrap framework to design websites will be able to enjoy a number of benefits. For instance, they will be able to create remarkable websites without much effort and that too at an affordable price. Below are a few more luxuries you can enjoy by incorporating the use of Bootstrap framework when designing websites.

Working with Bootstrap is actually a pretty simple task. In fact, even the ones who have not designed a website will be able to master the skill of website designing in a day or two. The highly adaptive technology that comes with Bootstrap framework can also be utilized with different design styles and languages.

Users who are planning to launch a new website or app without wasting too much time should also use Bootstrap. The cross-browser compatibility, CSS-Less functionality, and the ready-made code blocks of this framework help you to save plenty of your valuable time without compromising the appeal and functionality of your business website. There are plenty of Bootstrap business templates available to users, which enables them to bring the desired results to their websites with ease.

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It is crucial to note that there has been a significant increase in the percent of mobile users in recent years. This means that a major portion of internet users will be visiting your website through smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. So, if you want to reach these customers, then you must design a mobile ready website, which is also possible with the Bootstrap framework.

Most of the Bootstrap website templates contain an excellent collection of usable components such as labels, badges, progress bar, drop down menu, and more. In addition, these templates can also be easily customized according to the personal preference of users.

The main aim of most Bootstrap website templates is to simplify and improve the work of both website designers and developers. There are plenty of excellent Bootstrap website templates, which means that you will be easily able to find the right one that suits your needs. Below are some of the best Bootstrap website templates of 2019 that you should definitely check out.

Novi Corporate & Business Multipurpose with HTML Builder

Novi is undoubtedly one of the best Bootstrap website templates available to web designers. This website template is extremely lightweight, mobile-friendly, engaging, and very easy to use. This in turn makes Novi Bootstrap website template an ideal candidate for users who are designing business and corporate websites.

Novi is equipped with a dynamic and rich website building toolkit, which is based on Bootstrap. The intuitive interface, eye-catchy design, and smooth navigation of this Bootstrap website template have urged several web designers to use it.

The Novi visual page builder allows you to create different types of web pages and enhance them with multiple numbers of content modules. Another interesting thing you should note about Novi Bootstrap website template is that it is equipped with 200 plus pre-made elements for different occasions.

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Finance Group Accounting & Audit Multipage HTML Website Template

The launch of Finance Group Bootstrap website template is considered as a game changer by many users. This is because this excellent website template has helped several website designers to build functional websites and powerful digital products with utmost ease. The multiple flexible components that are included with this framework enables users to create highly functional and unique websites at a rapid pace.

The impeccable design and user-friendly interface of this template have encouraged several web designers to settle for it. In addition to that, this Bootstrap website template is also equipped with usable features such as a Dropdown menu and Back to top button.

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The wide variety of handy web forms and tons of web fonts offered by this bootstrap website template will help you to add a personal touch to your website. The parallax animation that comes with this template instantly grab the attention of site visitors and urges them to stay longer on your web pages.

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Creek Construction Company HTML5 Website Template

Creek is a professional and clean website template that is based on the recently introduced HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and the Bootstrap framework. This is one of the best bootstrap website templates of 21018 thanks to its stunning parallax animation, which provides a stunning background movement illusion to website visitors.

The best thing about the Creek bootstrap website template is that it contains an extensive collection of over 45 HTML5 pages that can be used for different occasions as per the requirements of users. This website template also features a rich UI kit that can be used to enrich the functionality of websites.

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Another handy feature that is included with the Creek bootstrap website template is the drag and drop page builder. This convenient builder is easy to use, and it allows website designers to easily create different web pages at a faster pace.

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Intense Multipurpose Website Template

The stylish, modern, and elegantly designed, Intense multipurpose website template is highly responsive and it comes with efficient features that are essential for business purposes. Intense is actually a full-fledged website creating framework that contains more than 500 HTML files.

In addition to that, this multipurpose website template is equipped with over 30 blog page layouts. The smooth Parallax effect offered by the Intense multipurpose website template is another reason why web designers love to use this template while designing sites.

Web developers who have settled for this website template will be able to choose from tons of font icons, sliders, sidebar, and footer/header styles.  The creative freedom offered by the Intense multipurpose website template enables users to design unique and creative business websites and build a strong online presence for their brand in the long run.

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Invest Plus – Investment Company HTML5 Website Template

The intuitive and attractive design of Invest Plus Bootstrap website template has made it one of the most popular choices of both web designers and developers. This SEO friendly and feature rich website template is the ideal choice for users who are planning to design websites for investment companies.

Users will be thrilled to hear that the Invest Plus Bootstrap website template is packed with wide varieties of different HTML5 pages. In addition to that, there are also plenty of numerous integrated widgets that will help you to make your website look a lot more appealing to site visitors.

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This excellent Bootstrap website template also has a rich U kit, which is based on the Bootstrap framework. The useable forms that are included with the template such as Newsletter Subscription, Search, Contact, and Booking will bring a professional touch to your website and encourage your potential customers to spend more time on your web pages. This will, in turn, boost the sales of your company.

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Responsive Website Template

Another popular Bootstrap website template that is used by thousands of web designers and developers is the Bitcoin cryptocurrency responsive website template. The reliable, cutting-edge, and thoughtful design of this technologically sophisticated website template has let users build websites with ease.

Just like all other Bootstrap website templates, Bitcoin cryptocurrency responsive website template also has extensive functionality and comes with a bunch of excellent features. The extra page styles offered by this website template guarantees that your site will be adaptable with different screen sizes.

An important point to keep in mind is that this cryptocurrency responsive website template is stuffed with the parallax effect. This will focus the attention of website visitors on the primary goal of your company and it might even urge them to tap on the call to action button.

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iD Interior – Interior Design HTML5 Website Template

iD Interior – Interior Design HTML5 Website Template is a carefully crafted, extremely flexible, and incredible thorough website template. What makes iD Interior different from other Bootstrap website templates is that the former is actually an innovatively customizable template. Due to this, this website template is commonly used while creating sites for interior design solutions.

The main aim of this Bootstrap website template is to increase the exposure of your business and significantly enhance your customer base. Another reason for the immense popularity of this template is that it is capable of making websites look excellent on different platforms and devices.

If you are looking for a Bootstrap website template that will give you unlimited customization capabilities, then you should definitely select the iD interior template. The multiple numbers of blog layout options, web fonts, header and footer styles will surely help you bring a personal touch to your business website.

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Law Firm Multipage Website Template

Law Firm multipage website template is another popular Bootstrap website template that gained widespread popularity in recent years. The masterfully designed, well-organized, and clean Law Firm website was designed in accordance with the modern web trends. The smooth navigation and intuitive interface of this Bootstrap template enable users to easily create websites.

If you are settling for Law Firm Bootstrap template, then you will be able to make use of its powerful toolkit, which guarantees a fine website building experience. This website template can be easily installed with just a single click, and you also enjoy the luxury of customizing it. Multiple numbers of catchy visual effects like the lazy load effect and Parallax technique are also available with the Law firm multipage website template.

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Grand Estate Website Template

Grand Estate Bootstrap website template is actually a technological sophisticated, clean coded, and fully responsive template, which offers a number of essential features to customers such as the extensive UI toolkit and gorgeous page layouts. This website template is equipped with Bootstrap 4 framework that helps web designers to improve user experience and website performance.

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In addition to that, website developers and designers who use Grand Estate Bootstrap website template will be able to alter the look of their websites thanks to the hundreds of web fonts, and multiple header and footer layout options. Users who wish to make their website look unique and different from the sites of their competitors should consider selecting the Grand Estate website template.

If you are looking to design a desktop and mobile-friendly website for your business, then the above-mentioned Bootstrap website templates can be of great help to you. The handy and innovative framework of these templates will make designing and customizing websites a fairly simple task.

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