Monthly Archives: February 2020

10 Dark WordPress Themes Sure To Leave an Impression On Users

A major percent of website designers opt for a clean and bright colored theme when building a website. It is true that clean and bright themed websites can instantly create a great impression among visitors. However, in some cases, such themes can make your website look ordinary, dull, and boring. If that’s the case, you […]

10+ Stunning Architecture WordPress Themes You Need To See  

Architecture is often considered as a visual art, which is why most architectural websites contain high-quality and stunning images of their works. Including beautiful images of your works is an excellent idea, as it creates a great impression among site visitors. If visitors like what they see, they are more likely to spend more time […]

Charity WordPress Themes to Build Websites For Non-Profit Organizations 

Most large non-profit organizations possess the funds and resources to build websites to spread awareness and to educate others about their activities. That’s not the case with many small and medium charity organizations who are trying hard to make a difference. These groups often decide not to build websites because they assume that it will […]

11 Premium News WordPress Themes That Are Easy to Use and Customize 

Gone are those days, when we used to heavily rely on printed newspapers and magazines to know what’s happening all over the world. Thanks to the latest advancements in the field of technology, we are able to gather information easily and quickly. The ease of accessibility and the convenience of finding the news you are […]