Add a Personal Touch to your websites with these Travel Website Templates 

Forty-eight percent internet users in the country prefer to use mobile devices to research, book, and plan their trip or vacation. The percent of travelers who desire for a personalized experience when booking travel tickets is estimated to be around ninety percent. This is why it is crucial to design a beautiful travel website with […]

Best Joomla Templates to Design Stunning but Unique Websites 

The second largest content marketing system in the world, Joomla is used by more than 2,5 million websites from all over the globe. In fact, more than 1000 websites among the top 100,000 top websites in the web uses Joomla. Another interesting thing to note is that nine percent of business websites also use Joomla. […]

SEO-friendly WordPress Themes That Can Help You Make an Impact 

There has been a significant increase in the number of customers who prefer to shop online. The convenience and comfort offered by online stores and ecommerce websites has allowed us to easily find and buy products with just a few clicks of our fingers. It is evident that most customers will be using the internet […]

10 Best Responsive HTML Admin Templates 

Admin dashboards are one of the important aspects of most web applications. The admin of a web app or a website is in need of an interface that would help them to manage the data moving through it. Admin dashboards are mainly used for this. Admin templates provide tabular views, where records are displayed: a […]

10+ Premium Blogger Website Templates That are Worth the Price

There is no denying the fact that WordPress is the most popular and powerful content management platforms out there. However, millions of users from all over the globe still continue to use Blogger. This is mainly because Blogger offers them a convenient way to easily create a blog and efficiently manage it. Several digital marketers […]

15+ Creative Education Website Templates of 2019 

Do you know that a vast majority of students prefer to check out the official website of an education institution instead of personally visiting them? Several researches claim that universities and colleges with websites are more likely to attract new students. From the above statements, it is evident that creating an educational website has become […]

15+ Fascinating Bootstrap WordPress Themes You Must Check Out

The average price of a premium WordPress theme is estimated to be around just 40 dollars. This means that users can gain access to a feature-rich and multipurpose WordPress theme without wasting many dollars. That said, there are more than 11,000 WordPress themes available on ThemeForest. So, you will need to do a little bit […]

Best-Selling News Website Templates to Make Your Website Look Unique

The primary goal of news and magazine websites is to put more focus on the relevant content. The design of news websites should not be a lot stylish, but it should look good. Content, the integral element of these websites should take the center stage. This is where News website template can be of great […]

15+ Simple Bootstrap Templates to Make Your Website Look Great

Simplifying the design website is the best strategy you can adopt when building a business website. A simple and organized business website will not just improve user experience and reduce loading time, but it can also improve online conversions. In fact, several ecommerce businesses have reported a steady hike in sales after simplifying their ecommerce […]

Bootstrap Landing Page Templates to Generate Leads in 2019

bootstrap landing page

Landing pages can have a significant impact on the overall advertising and marketing campaigns of your business. Landing page is a crucial part of web apps and websites that helps customers to instantly find what they are looking for.  If you are planning to promote a specific new product, a well-designed landing page can do […]