Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates with essential Tables and Charts for Data Representation

Website designers and developers used to find it really hard to present data in a simple and attractive way. However, the arrival of Bootstrap admin templates paved a new way that helped developers to easily and quickly arrange data. These effective tools also helped customers to easily find the data that they are looking for.

Most developers will be looking for a way to display data on a web app or website in a professional but simple way. This is why a major portion of these experts use Bootstrap admin templates. Below are a few free Bootstrap 4 admin templates with different types of charts and tables.

Star Admin

Star Admin is an elegantly designed premium dashboard template with two different dashboards. The template also has two separate page layouts, Boxed and RTL. The components within the template are neatly arranged within the dashboard in both types of layouts. 

  • Fully responsive
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Multiple sidebar layouts
  • Vue, jQuery, and Angular versions are available
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Easy to comprehend code

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Azia admin template

Azia is a well-designed Bootstrap 4 admin template. Azia has a clear, simple, and modern design and it also brings plenty of dashboard options to customers. In fact, you can find a web analytics dashboard, sales monitoring dashboard, ad campaign dashboard, and more. Azia also has both basic and data tables.

  • Simple and well-commented code
  • Plenty of page styles
  • Five well-designed page layouts
  • 10+ Utilities
  • Fully responsive
  • Simple design and user-friendly interface
  • Contacts, calendar, chat, and Mailbox are present.

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Purple Pro

The feature-rich Purple admin template puts the default styles of Bootstrap 4 to good use along with several jQuery plugins. The result of the combination is a powerful template that can help you build back-end dashboards, admin panels, and other web apps. 

  • Vue, jQuery, and Angular versions are available
  • 4 well-designed page layouts
  • 5 separate sidebar layouts
  • Over 5 General Pages and two Error Pages
  • Three Maps
  • Well-commented code and user-friendly interface.

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JustDo is a flat admin template designed based on the Bootstrap framework. It has separate Error, General, User, and Ecommerce Pages. The striking blue and white color scheme of the template is eye-pleasing. The components of JustDo are neatly arranged within bordered boxes.

  • Dark and light layouts
  • Vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Data, basic, Js-grid, and sortable table are present
  • Compatible with most modern browsers
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple numbers of editors, form elements, and icons.


Screenshot_2019-03-22 Corona Admin

The dark themed Bootstrap template, Corona boats a modern, simple, and elegant look. Corona is rich in features and elements, which is why it is used for different projects. The template is available in jQuery and Vue versions and each version has three dedicated e-commerce pages. 

  • Beautiful dark color scheme
  • Multiple pages for E-commerce, Error, and others. 
  • Has an abundant collection of UI elements
  • Well-commented code
  • Plenty of widgets
  • Neatly arranged components

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admin template with .horizontal menu

Dashflat is a new player into the field of Bootstrap admin templates. The template has a To-do-list, Gallery, Calendar, and E-mail sections. In addition, you can organize data in a clean and elegant way by using a suitable table or chart. 

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Responsive design
  • Well-commented code and detailed documentation
  • Essential UI elements including Buttons, Badges, and Tabs.
  • Horizontal and Vertical layouts
  • Separate Error, Ecommerce, User, and General Pages.

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Equinox is another feature-packed template that has plenty of UI elements and other components. You can find more than five charts with the template that includes Flot, Morris, and ChartJs. The template is super flexible and user-friendly too. 

  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Modern and unique design
  • Detailed documentation
  • Three dedicated pages for ecommerce
  • Separate General, Error, and User Pages.
  •  A simple but effective To-do list.

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yora ui admin templates

The minimalistic and unique design of Yora is sure to impress you. It also comes with a fine selection of form elements, advanced, and basic elements. The different charts and tables in the template will help you when it comes to data representation and organization. 

  • 10+ General Pages
  • Simple and easy to comprehend code
  • Excellent documentation
  • Light and dark themed layouts
  • Over 15 UI elements
  • 4 Tables and 8 charts

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Majestic Pro

majestic admin pro

Majestic Pro has everything you will need to design a powerful web application. You can find three well-designed e-commerce pages and more than five general pages with the template. The Google Map that comes with the template offers plenty of useful features.  

  • Detailed documentation
  • Different types of charts and tables
  • Plenty of basic and advanced UI elements
  • Vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Dark and light themed variations
  • Incredibly flexible

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Designed based on the Bootstrap framework, Allur is ideal for different web development projects. The template has a Gallery, where you can neatly place relevant images and video files. It also has a beautiful calendar that will help you to keep track of important dates.

  • Light and Dark themed versions
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Fully responsive
  • Clean and well-commented code
  • 5+ General Pages
  • Three Maps 

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