Top 12 Free Website Templates of 2019

Most of the premium website templates available out there are packed with several handy elements and essential components. However, the issue with some of these templates is that they can be quite expensive. Some of us may not have the budget to buy such expensive templates. If that’s the case, then you should consider settling for free website templates.

Several website designers and developers are a little bit hesitant to select free responsive website templates. This is because they feel that free website templates are not trustworthy. The reality is that there are both good and bad free templates available out there. If you are ready to do a little bit of research, then finding an excellent free website template will be pretty easy. Below are a few free responsive website templates that might be suitable for your project.

Star Admin

Star Admin is a free website template that is built with Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, SASS, and jQuery. The high responsiveness of this template will make your website look stunning across different devices. The clean and well-commented code of this template can be comprehended easily. The stunning design and user-friendliness of Star Admin also make it worth a try.

Multiple numbers of UI elements and several useful components are included in this free template. These tools will help you to easily customize your website as per your personal preferences. The cross-browser compatibility and excellent documentation of this template will surely impress you.

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The minimalistic Stellar admin template is built with Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, and SASS. Even though it is available for free, multiple numbers of handy and useful elements are available with this template. In addition, several different types of page layouts and pre-built widgets are available with Stellar.

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One of the striking attributes of the free Stellar admin template is its responsiveness. This is because it will ensure a fine website visiting experience to users on both mobile and desktop devices. The easy to customizability and user-friendliness of Stellar makes it worth a try.

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If you are looking for a free website template with a simple design, then you will surely love Purple. This free responsive website template can be used to design different types of websites. The incredible flexibility and user-friendliness of the Purple free website admin template will surely impress you. You will also be able to easily make the necessary customizations when you are using Purple.

The purple website template is packed with a wide variety of elements and features. This will, in turn, help you to easily design and customize websites. Purple is also capable of offering support to most modern internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

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Majestic Admin

majestic admin dashboard template
The free website template, Majestic Admin can be used to build a wide variety of websites. The essential elements and well-designed pre-build widgets of this template will help you to add a unique touch to your site. These tools will also come in handy when you are building and customizing websites.

The Majestic Admin template is built by using the Bootstrap framework, SASS, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS. This template also has a user-friendly interface and excellent documentation. The clean and well-commented code of Majestic Admin can be comprehended easily. Finally, this template is cross-browser compatible and highly responsive.

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Royal Admin Template

The highly responsive, Royal admin template is available to you for free. This excellent template is built with SASS, HTML5, jQuery, CSS, and the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. An interesting thing is that this template also comes with clean code and excellent documentation. There are multiple numbers of UI elements also included within the template.

The captivating design of this template will help you to instantly capture the attention of site visitors. Multiple numbers of page layouts and several handy UI elements are available with the Royal admin template. The cross-browser compatibility of this template is also worth noting.

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Regal Admin

Regal is another excellent choice available to developers who are looking for a free multipurpose admin template. It is built with SASS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, and the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. The template also comes with a clean and simple code, which can be comprehended easily.

The template also has a wide array of UI elements and several other components. The striking color palette, elegant design, and neatly arranged components of the Regal Bootstrap admin template is sure to impress you.

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The free Kapella Bootstrap admin template features a simple but elegant design. The components within the template are neatly and properly organized too. The striking color palette of the Kapella Bootstrap admin template will surely impress both you and your customers.

The Kapella Bootstrap admin template comes with a wide array of UI components, page layouts, tables, and charts. The full responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility of the template make it even more attractive.

Material Admin

The Material Admin free website template is a bit different from all over free website templates we have mentioned here. This is because the Material Admin website template is build based on the Material Design of Google. The high responsiveness of this template will help you to offer a fine site visiting experience on different devices.

Another important thing to note is that this free website template is also cross-browser compatible. This means that it offers support for most modern web browsers that include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. Moreover, several well-designed widgets and pages are available with this template.

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AdminLTE 2 Dashboard
AdminLTE is another excellent free responsive website template available to users. Even though AdminLTE is packed with multiple numbers of features, developers have managed to make it lightweight. This template is well maintained and regularly updated by developers. This is why several website designers love to use this template.

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Developers who choose AdminLTE will be able to choose a font from more than 1000 options. In addition to that, plenty of useful plugins and approximately 6 different color skins are included in this template. Finally, the AdminLTE template is also responsive and cross-browser compatible.

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SB Admin

Sb Admin Dashbord
SB Admin can be defined as an open-source Bootstrap 4 website template that is available for free. This template makes use of several plugins and default Bootstrap 4 styles. Due to this, it is capable of building powerful admin panels and web applications. The SB Admin template also offers support for most of the modern web browsers.

Different types of pages are also available with this free template. Some of the pages included in the template are Registration, Forgot Password, and Blank Starter HTML pages. In addition, you will be able to find plenty of interactive tables and charts.

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Riddle is a mobile-ready free website template that can be used for different web design projects. The clean and simple design of this free website template will surely impress you to the core. The full-screen layout available with this template can be used to display your works or projects to site visitors.

If you are planning to lure in site visitors by showing off your works, then it is best to select the Riddle website template. You will be able to find several inner pages within this template for adding contact us, about, and other pages.

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As the name implies, Travelers is a free website template that is designed specifically for travel agencies and other businesses that are based on tourism. This excellent template is built with the help of the Bootstrap framework. This means that the Travelers free website template will be responsive.

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The responsive nature of this website template will ensure that your website will look good when viewed from different devices. The parallax effects of this template will surely impress your site visitors. The call to action buttons, booking form, slideshow, and other features of Travelers are also impressive.

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