Top Ten Genesis Child Themes of 2019

The Genesis framework is one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks available out there. In fact, this excellent framework is used by thousands of website designers and developers from all over the globe. One of the best things about the Genesis framework is that it enables users to easily improve the look and feel of their website. This is achieved with the help of a Genesis child theme.

Most of the WordPress Genesis themes comes with unique features, excellent customization options, and stunning designs. This is why millions of developers prefer to incorporate the use of Genesis child themes when they are working on web design and development projects. However, several users often claim that finding the right Genesis child theme seems like a tough and challenging task to them. If that’s the case, then it is best to settle for one of the most popular Genesis child themes of 2019 that are listed below.


What makes Parallax Genesis WordPress theme different from other child themes is that it combines two innovative web design trends and presents theme in an attractive way. The 3D-effect parallax background images and the long vertical scrolling homepage layout of this theme will help you to tell the story of your brand to site visitors in a striking manner.Also read: How to Change WordPress Theme

Also read: How to Change WordPress Theme

The high-responsiveness of the Parallax Genesis child theme will ensure that your site will be accurately optimized for different screen sizes, internet browsers, and devices. You can upload the logo of your business to the customizable header space in just a single tap of your finger. The well-designed widget areas, theme options, and other functionalities of this Genesis child theme will also come in handy during your project.

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Fearless can be described as a stunning WordPress Photography theme, which is powered by the Genesis framework. Fearless theme offers a unique opportunity for you to display your excellent work on the homepage of your site. On the other hand, the full-screen slideshow tool on the website’s home page can be used to showcase some of the best photographs that you have captured.

One of the most noticeable aspects of the Fearless theme is that it contains multiple gallery modes and blog post layouts. It doesn’t matter whether you are settling for blog-style gallery mode, lightbox, slideshow, mosaic, filmstrip, or masonry grid, your images will look great. The e-commerce mode of this theme will be of great help to you if you are looking to sell themes.

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The vertical scrolling homepage layout of the Start Genesis child theme is one of the reasons why it is immensely popular among developers. The well-designed and bold elements of this theme can be used to make your web pages a lot more attractive. The portfolio section, gallery, and the icon system will enable you to highlight the best features of your products and services.

If you are using the Start theme, then profiling your team members and putting up a price comparison table are all merely simple task that doesn’t require the use of any third-party plugins. Developers should also note this SEO-optimized and mobile-ready Genesis child theme also offers several customization options that will help you to add a personal touch to your website.

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Infinity Pro

This modern and stunning Genesis child theme have become one of the most popular choice of users when it comes to creating flawless business websites. The attractive design of the Infinity Pro theme will help you to easily build a strong online presence for your brand. The default homepage layout of the theme contains a huge full-screen image, call to action button, and a text area.

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This means that site visitors will be easily able to learn about the mission statement of your business when they are scrolling through the homepage. Visitors who wish to know more about your brand can click the call to action button to visit a web page of your choice. The multiple numbers of pre-built layouts, page templates, and other features of this theme will surely impress you.

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The feature-rich Epik Genesis child theme is another common choice of developers when it comes to building highly-functional professional websites. In fact, this excellent WordPress Genesis theme offers six different layout options and 10 unique color styles to users. In addition to that, an abundant number of theme settings are available with this theme.

If you are looking to build a business website to boost the sales of your products or services, then you should consider settling for the Epik theme. The fascinating homepage design of Epik will make it a lot easier for you to highlight your products, services, and other major selling points in an attractive way.

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Academy Pro

Another well-designed and stylish Genesis child theme available in the market is Academy Pro. If you are looking to build a reputable business website for your enterprise, then Academy Pro theme should be on top of your list of choices. The default homepage layout of the Academy Pro theme contains spaces for allocating a large welcome message, introductory text, and even a video content.

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Under the main page header of the Academy Pro theme, you will be able to find space where you will be able to display the logo of your business. There is also a section that can be used to highlight the products or services that you are offering to users. The excellent widget areas, brilliant theme options, and other customization choices offered by this theme are also worth mentioning.

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Website designers and developers who are planning to build an e-commerce store with the WordPress platform with the help of a Genesis child theme will instantly fall in love with Patron. The best thing about Patron is that it has a fascinating collection of excellent features that will help you to quickly and easily set up an online store or website. The responsiveness of this theme is another added advantage because it will make your website look good on different types of devices.

The customized front page of the Patron WordPress theme that comes with a stunning content slider will make your website look appealing to site visitors. The HTML5 and retina optimized Patron theme has a highly responsive design, which will ensure that your website will good on different devices and internet browsers. The multiple theme style options offered by this theme will make your website look unique.

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The minimal design of the Swank WordPress theme is capable of showcasing your best works in a simple yet attractive way. The distraction free nature of this excellent WordPress theme will help you to easily capture the attention of website visitors. This will enable them to learn more about your products and services, which will in turn play a key role in decision making process of customers when they are shopping online.

Another important thing you need to know about the Swank Genesis child theme is that it comes with an excellent selection of page layouts. The widget areas on the website’s homepage will make it a lot easier for you to build the right frontpage for your site.

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In simple words, Drone can be defined as a highly-functional and clean Genesis child theme. The Drone WordPress Genesis theme is one of the best options available to developers and designers who are building a portfolio website, which needs a fair amount of graphical content. Four unique portfolio page templates are available with this fascinating Genesis child theme, which is pretty amazing.

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Each of these portfolio page templates comes with different column structures. This will in turn offer a wide variety of options to users to customize their website. In addition to that, you can find a landing page template with this theme, which can be used to promote your services or sell your products.

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The best thing about the Awaken Genesis child theme is that it puts the vertically scrolling homepage format to good use. This will present a unique opportunity for website owners to share the story of their brand in an attractive and captivating way. The fascinating collection of features that comes with Awaken will enable you to add a personal touch to your business website.

The lightbox popups, responsive icon sets, pricing tables, excellent plugins, and other handy tools offered by the Awaken theme will help you to bring the desired results to your site even without using additional plugins. The highly-responsiveness, multi-functionality, and versality of this theme make it an ideal choice for agencies, bloggers, and freelancers.

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If you are still unable to decide which one of these Genesis child themes or if you wish to know more on Bootstrap Dashboard Templates is the accurate choice for your website, then it is best to get in touch with our expert team of website designers and developers.

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