12 Simple HTML Admin Templates Free Download

The primary purpose of dashboards should be to offer all the necessary features that users are looking for without any hassles. However, creating such powerful and excellent dashboards right from the scratch is not an easy task. This is where HTML admin templates comes into play. These handy tools can help you to easily and quickly build stunning web apps and dashboards.

The overwhelm choice of website templates might make it a bit hard for you to identify the best one. The functionalities, features, and components of these templates will significantly vary from one another. So, here is some of the best HTML admin templates that can be downloaded for free.

Star Admin

Star Admin boasts a simple but premium quality design even though it is available for free. The striking color theme and unique feel of this template will surely impress customers. Designed based on the Bootstrap 4 framework, Star Admin also has a well-designed interface and neatly arranged components.

Star Admin comes with several essential UI elements and plenty of page styles. You will be easily able to make customizations, as the template has a simple and well-commented code. The template also has different types of tables and charts for data representation. A premium version of Star Admin is also available to customers.

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Purple is a Bootstrap admin template that features a unique design. All elements and features that are essential to build a powerful web app is available with Purple. Two separate well-designed dashboards are included with the Purple HTML admin template.

The template also offers a wide variety of options to customers when it comes to data representation. In addition, you can find multiple numbers of pages that are entirely dedicated for e-commerce. You could also check out the feature-rich premium version of the same template.

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Stellar is a free and lightweight HTML admin template designed with the Bootstrap framework. It is elegantly and carefully designed and also comes with a stunning dashboard. The components within Stellar are neatly arranged within borders. Stellar also has a striking color palette and simple design.

Stellar is a developer-friendly HTML admin template, which means that you will be easily able to make customizations. The template helps you bring a professional touch to your web application even though it is available for free. You can find more features and elements in the premium version of the Stellar template.

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Royal is an incredible flexible and easy-to-use HTML admin template that can be used to build different web applications. You can neatly display all the information you want within the properly organized components of Royal. The template also comes with multiple page layouts and other components.

The Royal HTML admin template built on Bootstrap 4 is also responsive. This ensures an excellent user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The template also has a detailed documentation and clean code, which will make the process of web development a lot simpler.

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Majestic is a free HTML admin template that has all the necessary features and elements required for building a stunning web app. The template has a unique but elegant appearance that is bound to impress customers. The components within the template are arranged neatly and within borders.

The excellent features and wide array of UI elements of Majestic makes it suitable for building different types of web apps. You can easily make necessary customizations when using the Majestic template, as it has a simple and clean code.

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Kapella is a modern HTML admin template that is packed with several handy components and tools. The precise and elegant design of the responsive Kapella admin template makes it worth a try. The template also has a fine collection of UI elements that includes Typography and Buttons.

Kapella comes with several different types of tables like the Hoverable Table, Striped Table, Inverse Table, Bordered Table, Table with Contextual Classes, and Basic Table. In addition, several types of charts are also available with Kapella.


Regal is a cross-browser compatible and fully responsive Bootstrap admin template. It comes with several excellent UI elements and other tools that will help you easily build web applications. The minimal but striking design of the template will help customers to easily focus on the most important aspects of your app.

The easy to usability and incredible flexibility of the template will also come handy to you. The Regal HTML admin template also has plenty of charts and tables. In addition, you can even find plenty of page layouts with the same template.

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Material is a modern and powerful HTML admin template designed based on the Material Design of Google. It is mobile-friendly, which guarantees a fine user experience on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The widgets, page styles, and other elements of Material can be easily modified due to its incredible flexibility.

The Material HTML admin template also has several essential UI elements along with plenty of tables and charts. It also comes with a clean design, well-commented code, and excellent documentation.

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CoreUI is an elegantly designed website admin template that will considerably speed up your web development process. The template has an extensive collection of UI elements including Tabs, Switches, Progress, Navs, Cards, and Collapse.

The template also has several plugins, forms, and other components. The wide range of table and charts styles available with the CoreUI website template will help you to easily represent data.

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Ample Admin

ample admin template

The free HTML admin template, Ample Admin is actually a premium template’s simplified version. As a result, the number of features and tools in Ample Admin is a bit limited. Still, the template is capable of building several web applications.

The template can also be easily customized thanks to its user-friendliness. In addition, you can find more than 10 essential UI elements with the same template.

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The fully responsive Bootstrap admin template, AdminLTE is designed based on the Bootstrap framework. The reusable and handy components available with the template will help you develop excellent web apps. The template comes with six color skins and several icons.

Even though, AdminLTE is packed with features, it is incredibly lightweight. The template also supports most modern web browsers than includes Chrome, Opera, and Safari. The simple design and beautiful color scheme of the template is also worth mentioning.

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SB Admin

The SB Admin HTML template is built with the open-source Bootstrap framework. You can build admin panels, dashboards, and web applications with the SB admin template.

The template has several page layouts like Blank Page, 404 Page, Forgot Password, Register, and Login. It also allows you to easily and neatly organize data with its excellent tables and charts.

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