Where Can I Find HTML Website Templates

There are plenty of marketplaces that sell high-quality HTML website templates. However, the issue is that finding a website template that suits the requirements of your business or personal website may seem like a tough and challenging task. This is particularly true when it comes to the ones who are new to the world of website designing.

You need to pay attention to the fact that using an inaccurate template or one that doesn’t offer the features you want will make your website look bad. If you follow such a practise, then you won’t be able to build a strong online presence for your brand, which is not good for business. So, it is best to do your research and find the best marketplaces that sell high-quality and feature-rich HTML website templates.

Creative Market

Creative Market is one of the best marketplaces where you can find excellent website templates, fonts, themes, and other types of web design elements. You need to remember the fact that Creative Market is actually a paid store. However, the good news is that customers who subscribe to their email newsletter will receive free templates and themes that can be directly downloaded without any hassles.


Dribble cannot be classified as a marketplace, as it is actually a community of expert website designers who often showcase their design works to internet users. Most of the website designers who use this marketplace posts CSS/HTML versions of their web design projects along with screenshots. It is best to bookmark the freebies and freebie tag, as it will help you to check out the new templates that are created by these talented group of designers.


Individuals who are not new to the world of website designing would have probably heard about the website, which goes by the name Carrd. It is one of the best and most popular websites that is visited by thousands of internet users from all over the globe. The developer who built Carrd is also the one who designed the HTML5 UP website. HTML5 is home to several fascinating website templates that are built by using the Material or Bootstrap framework.


ThemeForest is another popular premium marketplace where you can find plenty of excellent website templates that are suitable for creating different types of websites. However, customers who create a free account with marketplace will be able to download the free themes that are published on the website’s homepage. An interesting thing to note is that some of the paid themes in ThemeForest are often given away for free for promotions.


Codepen is one of the most reputed marketplaces on the internet that contains a huge collection of highly responsive templates that can make your website look stunning to site visitors. This website was initially created as a place for writing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML codes in internet browsers. Today, Codepen has been transformed into a vast community of web developers who are eager to showcase their work to the rest of the world.


It is true that you can find plenty of marketplaces that sell HTML templates that can be used to create websites. However, what makes websites like Bootstrapdash special is that they help you to find the best admin templates that can do wonders for your new website. So, make sure to check out BootstrapDash when you are looking for templates for your web design project.


Urbanui is a promising platform where you can buy high-quality website templates at affordable prices. The best thing about UrbanUI marketplace is that it contains a well-designed and properly categorised design that enables users to find templates that they are looking for with utmost ease.  The intuitive design and fascinating collection of templates that UrbanUI holds is bound to impress you.

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