18 Popular Minimalist Website Templates Of 2019

Designing a minimalist website that instantly captures the attention of website visitors is no easy task. Website designers who are building such a website will have to focus both on the content and design side. Fortunately, there are plenty of minimalist website templates out there. These feature-packed website templates will help you to easily design stunning but minimalist websites. However, several website designers are a little bit hesitant to choose minimalist website templates.

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This is mainly because they have a misconception that these templates might fail to make their website look great. The reality is that the innovative features, handy tools, and other components in these templates will help you design good looking websites. In fact, sites build with these templates also has the ability to engage and entertain site visitors. Some of the best and most popular minimalistic website templates that you should try this year are as follows.


Azia admin template
Azia is a creative and modern dashboard template built with the latest version of Bootstrap, SASS, CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery. The flat and elegant design of Azia makes it ideal for building powerful and stunning web app. It comes with three navigation layouts, responsive page layouts, and ten pre-built dashboard templates.

The Azia Bootstrap admin template features 500+ UI elements and 1000+ Font Icons along with plenty of pre-built pages and apps. Tables, data tables, form wizards, form validation, Leaflet Maps, Google Maps, and more are included with Azia.

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yora ui admin templates

The responsive Bootstrap admin template, Yora features a simple but elegant design. The components within the template are neatly arranged, which will help you to easily make the necessary customizations. The template also has a well-commented code that makes it ideal for beginners.

The Yora Bootstrap admin template comes with more than 15 useful UI elements. It also has ten pre-built widgets at its disposal along with several page layouts, tables, charts, and other elements. Yora also offers support to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and other modern web browsers.

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Spica UI

Spica admin template
Finding a multipurpose Bootstrap admin template with a simple design may seem like an easy task. However, the reality is that finding such a template that is accurate for your project can be quite challenging. If that’s the case, then you should consider choosing a popular website template like the Spica UI admin template.

The Spica UI admin template boasts a fascinating collection of UI elements and other components. In fact, there are more than 15 handy UI elements available with this template. Multiple numbers of pages, color options, and fonts are also included within the Spica UI admin template.

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Celestial UI

The simple and modern design of the Celestial Bootstrap admin template makes it worth a try. This template is built with Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, and SASS. You will be easily able to make the necessary customizations to your web app if you are using this Bootstrap admin template. This is because SASS preprocessor is used to style the Celestial Bootstrap admin template.

The different types of General Pages, Error Pages, and User Pages that are included within Celestial will surely come in handy. The responsiveness of Celestial ensures a fine user experience on both mobile and desktop devices. Moreover, this template is even compatible with most modern web browsers.

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The Pollux website template is built with the latest version of the Bootstrap framework, HTML5, SASS, jQuery, and CSS. The template has a clean code and excellent documentation. This in turn makes it suitable for building different types of web apps without any hassles.

It comes with a wide array of UI elements, pages, apps, icons, and more components. These tools will help you to easily and quickly design web apps. In addition, you will even be able to find three dedicated e-commerce pages with the template.

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Your search for a powerful website admin template that boasts a simple design ends here with the Allur Bootstrap admin template. Even though Allur has a simple design, it comes with a wide variety of elements and tools. These components will help you to easily customize and design complex web application.

Allur is a cross-browser compatible and fully responsive Bootstrap admin template. These two striking features of the template will ensure that your website will look good across different devices and browsers. It also has a clean and well-commented code that is easy to comprehend.

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Majestic Pro

majestic admin pro
Are you in search of a powerful website template that features a simple but elegant design? If so, then the Majestic Pro admin template will surely impress you to the core. It is built with the latest version of the Bootstrap framework and has a clean and well-commented code.

The Majestic Pro Bootstrap admin template offers 15+ UI elements and several page layout options to customers. In addition, the template also comes with ten well-designed widgets. You can even find three pages that are entirely dedicated for e-commerce.

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Equinox is a stunning Bootstrap admin template that contains an excellent selection of useful components and handy elements. One of the best things about the Equinox Bootstrap admin template is that it can be easily customized. This will in turn help website developers and designers to add a unique touch to their website without any hassles.

The high responsiveness of Equinox is also worth mentioning. This is because this attribute will make your website look good on different types of devices. You will be able to build CMS, CRS, application backend, and several other web applications. Users will be able to make use of both light and dark versions if they opt for this template.

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HiliteUI is a highly responsive minimalist website template that is packed with a wide variety of features. The responsive of this template will ensure that your website will look good across different types of devices. The HiliteUI admin template is built with the help of CSS, HTML5, jQuery, SASS, and the Bootstrap framework.

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The well-commented code, high responsiveness, and simple design of HiliteUI minimalistic website template are bound to impress you. In addition, multiple numbers of essential UI elements and several other excellent components are available with the HiliteUI template.

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Are you looking for a feature-rich and user-friendly minimalist website template for your new web design project? Then you should consider checking out the JustDo Bootstrap admin template. The abundant number of UI elements and other handy features in this template will help you to easily build flawless websites.

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Multiple numbers of charts, tables, and icons are also available with the JustDo minimalist website template. Developers who buy this template will be able to download its future updates for free. The unlimited number of color schemes, themes styles, and other options of JustDo will make your website look stunning to site visitors.

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Beginners who are looking for an excellent minimalist website template should consider selecting Serein over other choices. This is because the clean and well-commented code of this template can be comprehended easily. In fact, even the ones with minimal knowledge on HTML and CSS will be able to do that without any hassles.

Developers who select the Serein minimalist website template will be able to make use of multiple numbers of UI elements, pre-build widgets, and other components. The excellent documentation, cross-browser compatibility, and user-friendly design of Serein make it one of the best minimalist website templates available out there.

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SCRN is actually a minimalist HTML5 template that is used by thousands of web developers from all over the globe. This fully responsive template is compatible with the Bootstrap framework and most modern internet browsers. The responsiveness of the Mono minimalist website template will guarantee a fine user experience on both mobile and desktop devices.

Mono contains 60 unique home page layouts and plenty of header layouts that will improve the appeal of your website. More than 50 button styles and approximately 11-page preloaders are included with Mono. The incredible flexibility and excellent documentation of Mono are also worth mentioning.

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Kelly can be defined as a minimal HTML website template that is packed with several excellent features and tools. The minimal layout and user-friendly design of Kelly make it an ideal choice of beginners. The unlimited number of color preset options offered by the Kelly minimal website template will make your website look unique.

The high responsiveness of Kelly will ensure that your website is looking good across different devices. An important thing to note is that the Kelly website template is built with LESS, CSS3, and HTML5. This excellent template is easy to customize and it is also optimized for SEO.

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Developers who are searching for a stunning but minimalist website template will instantly fall in love with the DatavizUI Bootstrap admin template. The extensive collection of components and elements in this excellent template will make the process of website creation a lot easier. The simple design and easy customizability of DatavizUI will help beginners to design stunning websites with ease.

DataVizUI comes with both light and dark versions. In addition to that, there are also vertical and horizontal layouts for this template. More than ten well-designed pre-built widgets and several handy UI elements are also available with this minimalist website template.

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Fily is another excellent minimalist website template available in the market. The high responsiveness of this template will enable you to offer a fine experience to your site visitors on both mobile and desktop devices. The RTL compatibility, easy customizability, and mobile-friendly design of Fily will urge you to check out the template.

The excellent documentation and cross-browser compatibility of this template are also worth noting. More than ten UI elements that include Tooltips, Typography, Tabs, Pagination, Modals, and Badges are included in the Fily minimalist website template.

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Another excellent minimalistic HTML template available in the market is Showkase. This modern and clean website template can be used to design professional business and stunning personal websites with utmost ease. The abundant collection of UI elements and portfolio layouts that are available with Showkase will make website creation a fairly simple process.

Approximately six main layouts and 4 well-designed menu styles are included in this template. This fully responsive HTML template also offer more than 5 different blog demo layouts to developers. The cross-browser compatibility, retina readiness, and excellent documentation of this template has made it very popular.

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The minimalist HTML5 template, Beyond can be easily customized as per your requirements. The Beyond website template was specifically designed for blog and magazine websites. However, it can still be used to build a wide variety of websites. The well-designed pre-build elements and layouts that are available with this template will be handy when it comes to website customization.

The well-structured code and clean interface of Beyond will surely urge you to use it for your project. Developers who select the Beyond website template will be able to use several excellent web design tools. More than five different pages are also included in this template.

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Thousands of web developers use the retina ready and responsive Haswell minimalist template. The unique and clean design of the Haswell multi-purpose website template makes it an ideal candidate for building different websites. Customers will be easily and quickly able to make customizations to Haswell as per their personal preferences.

Web developers who choose the Haswell website template will gain access to more than 134 pages and over 120 Revo Slider Templates. The Parallax sections in this excellent template will offer a fine site visiting experience. Three different types of menu bars such as transparent, dark, and light are also available with this template.

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