14 Best Mobile-Friendly Website Templates

mobile friendly website templates

There has been a considerable increase in the demand and sales of mobile-friendly website templates over the last few years. This is because several web designers and developers have realized the fact that they will not have to worry about the performance and responsiveness of their websites if they incorporate the use of excellent mobile-friendly website templates. Most of the mobile-friendly website templates available in the market were designed to offer a seamless experience to users who access websites through smartphones and other mobile devices.

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The best thing about highly responsive mobile-friendly website templates is that they are capable of fluently and smoothly adjusting to different screen resolutions within a matter of seconds. This will, in turn, improve the user experience and urge your potential clients and existing customers to spend more time on your business website. If you are looking for a mobile-friendly website template that guarantees ,superior user-experience, then make sure to check out the following website templates.


Azia admin template
Your search for a powerful Bootstrap admin template that ensures a good user experience across different browsers and devices ends with Azia. The template is designed based on the Bootstrap framework. The incredible flexibility and reusability of Azia is also worth mentioning.

It comes with more than 500 UI elements and over 1000 font icons. Moreover, it has several different types of responsive page layouts, three horizontal layouts, and nearly 10 dashboard templates. You can even find Leaflet Maps, Google Maps, tables, and form wizards with the template.

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yora ui admin templates

Yora is a flexible Bootstrap admin template that can be used for both simple and complex web development projects. The template comes with a simple and well-commented code, which makes it a suitable option for beginners. The template also contains a detailed and excellent documentation.

It comes with a fine selection of UI elements that includes Modals, Tabs, and Tooltips. In addition, you can also find ten stunning pre-built widgets and plenty of page layouts with the template. The responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility of Yora makes it even more desirable.

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Are you looking for a powerful admin template that has a beautiful light themed version? If so, then your search for such a template ends here with the Allur Bootstrap admin template. It is built with the Bootstrap framework, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, and SASS.

The styling of the template is done with the SASS preprocessor, which makes customization a lot simpler. The template comes with ten elegantly designed pre-built widgets and plenty of page layouts. In addition, 15+ Ui elements are also available with Allur.

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Do you wish to offer a fine user experience on both mobile and desktop devices? If so, then you should consider buying a mobile-friendly website template like Pollux. It has all the necessary features that are essential for designing a web app.

The extensive collection of UI elements, page layouts, and other components in the Pollux Bootstrap admin template will surely impress you. In addition, ten elegantly designed pre-built widgets are available with the template.

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Boltex is one of the best mobile-friendly website templates that can be used to design an attractive website with ease. The Boltex website template is packed with a wide array of excellent assets and tools that will enable you to easily customize and design websites. Web designers who select this website template will gain access to over fifty elements and more than thirty layouts. The user-friendliness of the Boltex website template will even allow you to add a personal touch to your website.

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This single-page HTML5 responsive website template also comes with multiple numbers of navigation styles, JQuery animations, and more. This fascinating template is well documented and it even contains a powerful code. The retina readiness, excellent hover and parallax effects, and revolution slider are other noticeable features of this template will surely impress you.

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Upturn is a neatly designed mobile-friendly website template that is suitable for designing websites for digital marketing agencies and online marketing companies. The two one-page and three multi-page front page demos that comes with the Upturn website template will enable you to easily determine the best style that suits your website. Users will be able to edit the template with their content or they can even make adjustments to the design.

This excellent website template that was built with Sass, Gulp, and Bootstrap 4 is equipped with the most modern version of the Revolution slider. In addition to that, this theme offers an abundant number of handy features such as the unlimited Google font, color section, video section, and image section. More than 4oo Font Awesome icons and 200-plus line icons are also included in the Upturn website template.

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The mobile-friendly website template, Indofact is the ideal choice for users who are designing websites for engineering and construction companies. The best thing about the Indofact website template is that it is available to customers for free. This template boasts a niche-specific layout that offers multiple options to users, which in turn helps them to design highly customized and flawless websites. This template also offers 100 percent responsive design on most popular handheld devices.

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More than 25 inner pages and five unique home page options are available with the Indofact website template. The multiple numbers of excellent blog styles, captivating headers style, and portfolio styles offered by this template will help you to make your website a lot more appealing. Finally, this template is optimized for SEO too, which will help your site to attain a higher rank in Google’s search engine results page.

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Cloudy 7

Cloudy 7 is the most ideal and best option for designers who are trying to create websites for web hosting services. This high performing website template is loved by thousands of website designers and developers, as it helps them to save plenty of their valuable time when designing and customizing websites. The excellent features and predesigned content of Cloudy 7 website template will help you to design powerful business websites.

More than sixty CSS and HTML pages, over 25 custom shortcodes, and four elegantly designed index demos are available to the designers who opt for this template. The live chat feature, custom blog pages, mega menu, typewriter effect, and massive slider of the Cloudy 7 template will make web designing pretty much easy even to newbies.

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The mobile-friendly and multi-functional website template, Webster is packed with an abundant number of handy tools and features. This means that this website template can be used to design different types of personal and business websites. Another interesting thing you need to know about the Webster website template is that it is available to customers at a relatively lower price, which in turn makes Webster an ideal choice for budget shoppers.

The highly responsive Webster website template is equipped with more than 70 homepage layouts and over 50 shortcodes. In addition to that, users who select this template will be able to use over 600 reusable components and more than 540 template variations. Three popular premium plugins are also available with the Webster website template. Finally, this template is compatible with most of the major internet browsers.

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As you would probably know, COINEX is actually a cryptocurrency website template. As a result, this template is usually used in business websites that have something to do with cryptocurrencies. The excellent Revolution Slider effects that are available with this theme will make your website look even more appealing while offering an impressive user experience. If you choose the COINEX website template, then you will be able to choose a home page from 5 different options.

In addition to that, this excellent website template even provides 5 separate dark home page styles to users. The inner pages of this web template are equipped with multiple numbers of excellent functional features. The parallax effect, wave animation, well documentation, hover effect, blog options, and cross-browser compatibility of COINEX is also worth mentioning.

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Pofo is actually a massive responsive mobile-friendly website template that can be used to design creative websites for different genres and businesses. In fact, you will be able to create innovative and appealing websites for blog pages, small-scale businesses, and even startups. One of the best things about Pofo website template is that it contains 150 useful elements and 210 HTML pages. The captivating headers and eye-catching portfolio of the Pofo template are also worth mentioning.

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Another interesting thing to note is that Pofo is a fully responsive website template, which means that your website will look good on devices with different screen resolutions. The impressive portfolio layout styles of this template such as vertical, grid, metro, masonry, and horizontal slider will also help you to make your website look attractive to site visitors. Finally, users will be able to select menu and header styles from a wide variety of excellent options.

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Arone is actually a single-page website template that has gained immense popularity among designers over the last few years. The high responsiveness and mobile-friendliness of this excellent template will help you to create a flawless business website. One of the most fascinating things about the Arone website template is that it offers more than 35 unique demos to users.

In addition to that, designers who use this website template will be able to make use of multiple numbers of navigation styles with plenty of JQuery and CSS animations. This extremely well-commented template also provides multiple color options and font styles to designers. The working Contact Form and powerful code of this template have urged several designers to settle for it.

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Web designers and developers who are looking for a powerful admin template for their app or website should consider checking out the Apex website template. It is significant to note that this mobile-friendly website template is built on the Bootstrap framework, which implies that users will be easily able to customize it to suit their personal preferences. 7 gradient and solid menu color options will be available to the ones who select this template.

The apex website template is equipped with more than 100 pages, over 500 components, 50-plus chards, and multiple numbers of advance cards. This template is pretty much easy to use and understand. Moreover, it contains a starter kit that will enable website designers to easily start their project. The full responsiveness of the template ensures that it will look good on different types of devices.

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The power multi-purpose and mobile-friendly website template, Jango is built by using Bootstrap and SASS. This highly customizable and fully responsive website template offers both single-page and multi-page layout options to users. Jango website template usually contains 28 e-commerce pages, three e-commerce sidebar menus, two e-commerce footers, and multiple numbers of e-commerce page sliders.

Since Jango website template is powered by the SAAS framework, designers who are using this template will be able to easily customize their websites. Multiple numbers of excellent components and sample layouts are also available to users who opt for this website template. You will also be able to select layout demos, footer demos, header demos, breadcrumbs demos, and more from multiple excellent choices.

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