15 Stunning Light Themed Templates

Finding an accurate website template for your new web design project is not an easy task. This is because there are plenty of excellent and feature-rich templates out there. As a result, designers especially the ones who are new will struggle to determine which template is the best choice for their website. If you are stuck in such a confusing scenario, then it is best to seek the help of experts.

Most website designers and developers usually choose website templates that come with both dark and light themed versions. Several users have a misconception that selecting the dark themed version of a template will make their website look trendy and elegant. The reality is that dark themed versions of a template might not be suitable for some business websites. If that’s the case, then it is best to opt for the light themed version. Some of the best light themed templates that you should check out are the following.


Azia admin template
Azia is a powerful modern admin template designed based on the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. It is powered with Bootstrap 4, jQuery, HTML5, SASS, and CSS. The simple but elegant design of the template and its incredible flexibility makes it suitable for different projects.

The template comes with a fascinating collection of responsive page layouts. In addition, it also has ten pre-built dashboard templates and three navigational layouts. More than 1000 font icons and over 500 UI elements are available with Azia.

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yora ui admin templates
Yora is a simple, modern, and clean admin template designed based on the Bootstrap 4 framework. It is cross-browser compatible and fully responsive. These features of Yora ensures that your website or web app will look good across different devices and browsers.

The styling of the Yora Bootstrap admin template is done with the SASS preprocessor. Due to this, users will be easily able to make customizations. The template also comes with 15+ UI elements, ten pre-built widgets, and several page styles. In fact, three pages of Yora are entirely dedicated for e-commerce.

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vertical dashboard templates

Dashflat is a premium flat-design dashboard template featuring a fully responsive admin dashboard template. All components included in this dashboard template has been developed to bring the complete potential of HTML5 and Bootstrap. It can be used for many types of web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard or application backend.

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Pollux is a multipurpose admin template that comes with a light themed version. The light themed version of this template is incredibly beautiful and has the ability to capture the attention of customers. It is also easy to use and incredibly flexible, which makes it suitable for building different web apps.

It also has a clean and well-commented code that can be comprehended easily. The template also comes with plenty of pages, icons, and other features that make website customization a lot simpler. The template also has a detailed and excellent documentation.

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The Liberty website template is built by using the Bootstrap framework, SASS, jQuery, CSS, and HTML5. You will be easily able to make the necessary customizations when you are working with this template. This is because the styling of Liberty website admin template is done with the help of the SASS preprocessor. The cross-browser compatibility and high responsiveness of Liberty are also worth noting.

More than 10 basic UI elements that includes Accordions, Badges, Buttons, Modals, Tooltips, and Tabs are available with Liberty. In addition to that, this template has an excellent collection of advanced UI elements and form elements. Different types of pages and over 10 pre-build widgets are included with the Liberty website template.

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Are you looking for a powerful admin template that has a beautiful light themed version? If so, then your search for such a template ends here with the Allur Bootstrap admin template. It is built with the Bootstrap framework, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, and SASS.

The styling of the template is done with the SASS preprocessor, which makes customization a lot simpler. The template comes with ten elegantly designed pre-built widgets and plenty of page layouts. In addition, 15+ Ui elements are also available with Allur.

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Spica UI

Spica admin template
Are you looking for a stunning Bootstrap admin template that can be used to design different web apps? If so, then check out the Spica UI Admin Template. The abundant number of components, elements, and other features in Spica make building excellent web apps a fairly simple process.

The Spica UI Admin Template can be used to build CMS, CRM, application backend, admin dashboard, and other web apps. The full responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, user-friendliness, and simple design of Spica makes it a desirable option. This template also contains three dedicated pages for e-commerce.

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Celestial UI
Finding a stunning light themed template that is accurate for your web app is not an easy task. In fact, you will need to do thorough research and go through different templates to find the right one. If you are still unable to find such a template, then you should consider checking out the Celestial UI admin template.

There are more than 15 UI elements and 10 elegantly designed widgets included within the template. In addition to that, multiple numbers of page layouts and icons are available with this template. There are also three pages that are entirely dedicated for e-commerce.

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HiliteUI is another excellent choice available to web designers who are in search of an excellent template with the elegantly designed light version. This highly responsive and user-friendly admin template is built with the help of CSS, HTML5, jQuery, SASS, and the Bootstrap framework. Developers will be easily able to make customizations too.

More than ten pre-built widgets are available with the HiliteUI website admin template. The simple and modern design of HiliteUI will surely impress you. The cross-browser compatibility and excellent documentation of the HiliteUI website admin template make it worth a try.

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Website developers who are looking for a light themed website template with an excellent collection of UI elements and other tools must check out the Serein template. The high-responsiveness of the Serein website template will guarantee a fine website visiting experience to users on both mobile and desktop devices. This template is built with the latest version of Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, and SASS.

The code of Serein admin template is clean and well-commented. As a result, developers even the ones are new to the world of web design will be easily able to comprehend it. More than 10 handy UI elements and 10 pre-build widgets are included in the Serein admin template.

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The responsive design, user-friendliness, and easy to the customizability of the JustDo Bootstrap admin template will help you with your web design project. This excellent admin template that is built with Bootstrap, CSS, SASS, HTML5, and jQuery can be used to design different types of websites. The responsiveness of this template will make your website look good on both mobile and desktop devices.

The JustDo website admin template is also compatible with most modern internet browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox. More than ten excellent UI components are available with this template and some of the best ones are Tooltips, Tabs, Modals, Dropdowns, and Buttons.

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Fily is an ideal choice for website designers who are looking to buy a light themed website template. If you want to offer a captivating website visiting experience to your site visitors on different devices, then Fily will allow you to do that with ease. Developers will be able to make customizations a lot easily because the styling of the template is done using the SASS preprocessor.

The well-commented and clean code of the Fily website admin template can be easily comprehended. This is one of the reasons why we highly recommend beginners to use this template. More than 10 basic UI elements and several advanced UI elements are included within the Fily template.

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Metronic is a stunning responsive website admin template with an excellent light themed version. The high responsiveness of this template will ensure that your website will look great on both desktop and mobile devices. In addition, the Metronic website template offers support for Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other modern browsers.

This well-documented website template is also compatible with Bootstrap 3.x, Bootstrap 4.x, and Angular JS 2. Multiple numbers of demo layouts and other essential components are available with the template. The number of column styles included in Metronic is more than 4.

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If you are looking for a feature-rich website template that comes with a well-designed light theme version, then you will instantly fall in love with Monster. The responsive and user-friendly Monster admin template allows developers to easily build and customize website since it is designed based on the modular design.

Monster website template is equipped with more than 5 elegantly designed dashboards. In addition to that, 6 different types of demos and approximately 12 color skins are available with Monster. Finally, more than 500 UI components and 600-page layouts are also included with the Monster website template. Some of the best UI elements in Monster are Buttons, Tabs, Grid, User Cards, and Progress Bars.

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The extremely powerful, highly-responsive, and well-designed Canvas template contains an elegantly designed light themed version. Cannas is actually a multi-purpose website template that is suitable for building magazine, restaurant, and business websites. More than 100 ready-to-use Homepage styles are available with Canvas.

The incredible flexibility and user-friendliness of the Canvas website template will help you to easily make necessary customizations. Developers who choose Canvas will be able to gain access to more than 45 blog templates and over 50 scalable shortcodes. Canvas is cross-browser compatible, which means that it supports most modern browsers.

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Porto is another website template that contains a stunning light themed version. This highly responsive HTML5 website template is used by thousands of web developers from all over the globe. More than 600 HTML File templates and several demo layouts are also included in the Porto website template. These components and tools will help you to add a personal touch to your website.

One of the highlighting features of the Porto website template is the Revolution Slider. This simple yet handy slider system presents a unique opportunity to display videos, images, and other media files with 3D transitions. The cross-browser compatibility and excellent documentation of Porto are also worth mentioning.

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