Top VueJS Admin Templates Of 2019

vue js admin templates

Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework used by millions of web developers from all over the globe. What makes Vue different from other React, Angular, and other front-end frameworks is that it is extremely lightweight. In fact, the size of Vue.js is relatively less when compared to both Angular and React.

Moreover, several developers claim that Vue.js is comparatively a lot easier to work with. This is one of the reasons why most of them love to use Vue.js Bootstrap templates for their web design and development projects. If you wish to leverage the power of Vue.js Bootstrap templates, then take a glimpse at these following popular VueJS admin templates.

Star Admin

star admin pro vue
Are you looking for a responsive VueJS bootstrap template that comes with an impressive set of tools and features? If so, then you will surely love the Star Admin template. Two different types of dashboards and 10+ essential UI elements are available with the VueJS version of the Star Admin bootstrap template.

This cross-browser compatible template also offers multiple numbers of page layouts to customers. The clean and well-commented code of Star Admin makes it an ideal choice for newbies and amateurs.

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Purple Pro Vue
Purple is a responsive bootstrap template that is built with Bootstrap, Vuejs, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. The Vuejs version of the Purple template has more than 10 handy UI elements in store of customers. Developers who select this template can select different page layouts in order to make their website look unique.

The Purple VueJS bootstrap template also has plenty of forms, icons, and fonts. If you are searching for a VueJS bootstrap template that can be easily customized, then you do not need to look further.

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Conora is an elegantly designed Bootstrap admin template that has both jQuery and Vue versions. The simple, clean, and well-commented code of Conora VueJS bootstrap template will help you to easily design web apps. With this template, you will get multiple icons, User Pages, and General Pages.

Corona also has an excellent collection of UI elements that includes Buttons, Badges, Tabs, and Modals. The responsiveness, excellent documentation, and cross-browser compatibility of Conora makes it an attractive option.

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The mobile-friendly and responsive VueJS template, Vuely is available in Angular, Laravel, and several other versions. Vuely, which was developed with VuetifyJs and Vue.js 2 has more than 78 custom widgets and 200 UI elements. This template also has a dark themed version.

The pre-built pages and other integrated features that comes with Vuely will help you to easily and quickly develop back-end panels. The multiple color styles, theme options, tables, and charts of Vuely makes it suitable for different web development projects.

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Piaf Vuejs

Piaf Vuejs is an entirely flexible VueJS bootstrap template that is packed with several handy features and tools. Piaf Vue.js comes with a number of unique features like IconsMind Webfont, which will surely impress customers. Two different types of menu layouts are also available with PiafVue.js.

The Piaf Vuejs Bootstrap admin template also offers support to several plugins that include Firebase and Vue Calendar. The excellent code, simple design, and great attention to detail of Piaf Vuejs will speed up your project.

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Vuesax Vuejs

The Vuesax Vuejs is designed based on the Vue CLI, Vuex & Vuesax component framework. Developers who select Vuesax will be able to make use of several unique features. The fuzzy search option is undoubtedly the highlighting aspect of this VueJS bootstrap template.

The Vuesax Vue.js template comes with five different workable apps and two niche dashboards. A light and dark themed version of this template is also available. This template also offers unlimited color options, three charting libraries, and five workable apps.

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Pragmatic is an easy to customizable and user-friendly VueJS admin template. Pragmatic is not actually a normal HTML template because it functions as a separate web app. Since this template use Webpack, you will be able to speed up your project and end it within the preset deadline.

Pragmatic VueJS website template features an extensive collection of more than 80 different page templates. In addition, more than 70 layout combinations and over 2000 font icons are included within this template.

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Cover can be defined as a component library that is based on Vue.js 2. The simple and modern design of Cover will surely impress your customers. Cover also comes with a wide array of useful features and flexible components. The cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness of Cover makes it a lot more desirable.

The responsive helper classes in Cover VueJS template helps you to adjust your web app across devices with different screen sizes. The handy UI blocks, excellent documentation, and other attributes of Cover makes it worth a try.

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Vuse Admin

Vuse is a unique VueJS template that can be used to build different web apps. This clean and power Bootstrap admin template was built with Vuetify.js and Vuejs. There are two built-in apps within the Vuse VueJS admin template and they are Contacts App and Chat App.

Developers who select the Vuse VueJS admin template will be able to enjoy a number of features. The quick-starter kit, Material design cards, and custom color management options of Vuse will surely come handy. Multiple numbers of pages are also available with this template.

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The Architect VueJS template is built in such a way that it is capable of developing different web projects. One of the best things about Architect is that it offers three different versions to customers. In fact, Angular 7, jQuery, and React versions of the Architect VueJS admin template are already available.

The Architect VueJS template is equipped with more than 150 components and nine elegantly designed dashboards. In addition, multiple numbers of page templates and user pages are available with Architect. Finally, this template also supports Block UI, Calendar, Sticky Headers, and several other plugins.

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There has been a considerably increase in the popularity of VueJS bootstrap templates over the last few years. This is because templates with Bootstrap and Vue.js can help you to easily and quickly built stunning web apps. So, if you are not using these templates, then you are missing out on a lot.

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