Top 11 Modern Designer Website Templates

Designer Website Templates

Web developers and designers who are looking to build a strong online presence for their brand and business often use modern designer website templates. This is because these handy website templates are capable of helping web designers to create a cutting-edge online presence with the utmost ease. These tools will also bring a professional touch to your business website and encourage internet users to visit the site.

Website designers and developers will be able to use these templates as they are. However, if you wish to make your website look unique or if you want to add a personal touch to it, then it is best to customize these templates. An interesting thing to note is that most modern designer website templates come with a wide variety of useful features and tools, which has helped several users to make their website look unique.

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Several small-scale and large-scale businesses often fail to realize the need to use modern designer website templates. As a result, their business websites will look disorganized and less appealing, which would surely drive potential customers away from their sites even without checking out products and services. If you wish to avoid such hassles and keep your potential customers occupied, then you should certainly incorporate the use of modern designer website templates.

Most website designers, even the ones who have designed thousands of websites use modern designer website templates because these tools enable them to save plenty of their valuable time. Moreover, modern designer website templates offer an effortless way for designers to create websites and make them look stunning to both customers and potential customers.

It is crucial to pay attention to the fact that there are plenty of options available to web designers when it comes to selecting modern designer website templates. The wide variety of choices might make them feel a bit confused, which may prevent them from determining which modern designer website template is the right choice for their site.

If you are stuck in such a difficult scenario, then it is best to settle for a website design template that comes with excellent features. Some of the best and most commonly used types of modern designer website templates of 2018 that you should definitely check out are as follows.


Allur is a user-friendly and responsive admin template that is designed based on the Bootstrap framework. It is fully responsive and offers support to most modern internet browsers that includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. The code of this template is simple, clean, and well-commented.

The documentation of Allur Bootstrap admin template is excellent, which makes it suitable for beginners. It also comes with more than 15 handy UI components and plenty of page layouts. You can also find three dedicated ecommerce pages with the template.

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We all love to customize our personal websites in order to add a personal touch to them. This is where Gorge designer website template can be of great help to you. This fascinating website designer template allows you to easily customize your website as per your personal preferences. In fact, Gorge designer website template is capable of meeting almost all web design requirements of users.

One of the noticeable things about Gorge designer website template is that it is built with CSS3 and HTML5. Moreover, this handy template is even powered by Bootstrap, which ensures a stable and smooth experience to users. The Gorge designer website template is also fluent and 100 percent responsive, which implies that it will work exceptionally well on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Gorge designer website template is also equipped with AJAX ready contact form, which means that users will be easily able to contact you straight from the web page. The lightbox portfolio that is included with Gorge eliminates the need to create sophisticated codes on your own. Finally, this excellent designer website template is also SEO optimized, which will help your site to acquire a higher ranking on the search engines page of Google and other search engines.

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Lester is actually an innovative and highly creative HTML5 website template that is used by thousands of web developers and designers from all over the globe. If you want to create a web page that instantly captures the attention of internet users, then Lester can make it happen for you. The impressive live preview page and neat design of this template will surely allow you to easily customize your website.

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Web designers who are choosing Lester template should also note that Lester is a Bootstrap 4 template that can be used to bring a fluid layout to websites, which will make the sites look good on different devices. In addition, Lester website template has cross-browser compatibility and it comes with a commented and clean code.

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Torola website template is arguably the best option available to artists and other creatives who are planning to design a new website. The best thing about this incredibly useful website template is that it ensures a fine web browsing experience to users. In addition, Torola website template offers superior performance across different platforms and devices.

Torola website template gives you an opportunity to showcase your works and skills to a broader audience. This is what makes this website template unique from other popular templates. Torola website template comes with a wide range of features including the option to choose between light and dark layouts.

An interesting aspect of Torola website template is that users will be able to enjoy the luxury of selecting a front page from a wide variety of excellent choices. The horizontal gallery, modern design, video home page, and parallax effect of this template has urged several website designers and developers to choose Torola over other website templates.

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Web designers who are trying to bring a stylish, minimalist, and sleek design to their business and personal websites would instantly fall in love with the Kelly designer website template. This useful website designer template offers unlimited color presets, four homes, and several other attractive features to users. In addition to that, website developers will even be able to make modifications to this template if necessary.

The added advantage of using Kelly is that it is search engine optimized and responsive, which would help you to considerably improve the rank of your site on Google’s search engine results page. Users should also note that the Kelly designer website template is cross-browser compatible, well commented, and comes with a sticky navigation.

However, what makes Kelly designer website template a popular choice of web designers is that this template offers a pleasing mobile menu for both tablet and smartphone users. If you personalize the Kelly designer website template, then it will automatically do all the works for you, and make your website look stunning and clean to visitors.

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Rokstar is actually a one-page and creative website template, which is based on Bootstrap 4. Most of the codes and files in Rokstar designer website template are nicely commented and neatly organized, which makes it very easy for users to customize websites to meet their personal requirements. The working contact form with Ajax, well documentation, ad fully responsive features of this template has made it immensely popular among web designers and developers.

If you want your website to work perfectly across different platforms and devices, then it is best to select the Rokstar designer website template.  In fact, websites that are equipped with this template works great on both Android and Apple devices. The active contact form that comes with this template helps your potential customers to easily get in touch with you.

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The innovative and creative web design concept of Wizzard designer website template has made it very different from other popular website templates. The minimal and clean look offered by this website template allows users to make their projects and works appear a lot more enticing. In short, if you searching for a website template that will instantly spark the interest of your website visitors, then you do not need to luck further because Wizzard is the ideal option for you.

The smooth scrolling, active contact form, intuitive shortcodes, and Font Awesome icons are only a few of the beneficial features available to users who use this website template. The insane loading speed and superior performance offered by Wizzard designer website template have considerably increased their popularity among users.

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It is crucial to note that Wizzard designer website template users do enjoy the luxury of reaching out to the support team to get assistance on issues and concerns related to this website template.  In addition, Wizzard designer website template has a well-commented code and it is also optimized for SEO.

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The best thing about the Madrid designer website template is that it is suitable for websites of different niches. This is one of the reasons why most website designers and developers love to work with this excellent website template. Even the ones who are new to the world of web designing and development will be able to bring the desired results to their website by using this template.

The retina ready and responsive Madrid designer website template is also compatible with different internet browsers. In addition, this template has also been optimized for performance, search engine optimization, and even speed. The neatly designed page animations, isotope portfolio, contact form, and other features that come with this template enables you to easily design a remarkable website for your business.

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Web designers and developers who feel the need to give a sophisticated, creative, and contemporary look to their website usually choose Scrape website designer template. This is because this excellent website template is packed with a number of excellent features, which will bring a unique and attractive look to both business and personal websites.

An important thing most users fail to realize is that the amazing text reveal effect of Scrape designer website template has the ability to make internet users say ‘Wow’. The titles of Scrape template are animated with Morphtext, which will also offer a smooth experience to your potential customers who are visiting your business website.

Each and every web page that is built with the Scrape designer website template will surely look spectacular on both desktop computers and mobile devices. If you are planning to try something offbeat while designing a website, then it is best to choose this website template.

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The elegantly designed responsive website template, Casely allows website developers to create excellent websites that look amazing to internet users with ease. The impressive and creative look that Casely designer website template brings to your website will not go in style. This means that your website and web pages will look tempting and fresh even after a decade or so.

Casely designer website template is constructed with Flexbox and BootStrap 4, and it is also stacked with tons of animations. As a result, the flexibility and stability of websites with this template will remain on point at all times. Another interesting thing to note is that Casely designer website template contains more than twelve demo layouts, which are pretty much simple to customize.

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As the name implies, Hook website designer template possess the unique ability to hook your potential customers and keep them occupied at your business website for a very long time. The tempting and impressive look offered by this excellent website template will surely urge internet users to stay in your website to check out your products and services. In fact, both your customers and potential clients will be browsing and scrolling through different chapters to gather more information about your business.

One of the major benefits of choosing Hook designer website template is that you will be able to create a coming soon page to make your customers feel excited. In addition to that, users will be able to select pages from a wide variety of excellent options if they choose this website template.

Another interesting thing users who are selecting the hook designer website template should know is that this template comes with separate footer and header styles. In fact, this website template even contains two separate contact sections. You can select the right contact section from the options according to your requirements and personal preferences.

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In addition to these above-mentioned website templates, you should also make sure to try Riwa, Juno, Showkase, and Picasso templates, as they are also equipped with multiple numbers of excellent features, which will help you to improve the speed, appearance, and functionality of your business website.

Finding the best Bootstrap Dashboard Templates that suits your requirement may seem a bit challenging and confusing, which is why we are here to help you.

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