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{Updated on 26th February 2019} The latest advancements and innovations in the field of technology and telecommunications have allowed journalists and the media to instantly offer latest news updates to both viewers and readers in a matter of few seconds. News and information on different topics are offered to the audience through social media platforms and blogs. However, several people prefer to validate information and news that they have gathered through these above-mentioned sources through their trusted news portals and magazines.

As you would probably know, most of us choose to read news through our smartphones, tablets, and laptops instead of reading an actual magazine or newspaper these days. This means that media websites and news channels that wish to retain their customer base and prevent them from moving to a new source to gather information will need to put out the entire information of write-up to a single website or page. This may seem like a simple task to many, but the reality is that it is actually a difficult and sophisticated process.

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For instance, in some cases, publishing all the stories and topics on magazines to websites might make them look disorganized and cluttered. This is one of the major reasons why several publishers are a bit hesitant to publish information and news on their business websites. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent magazine WordPress themes, which are designed for the sole purpose of building efficient and good-looking magazine websites.

Most of the WordPress magazine themes available to web designers come with a functional and clean design. Another interesting point you need to remember is that magazine WordPress themes usually displays headlines or excerpts on the homepage itself and highlights the latest and most relevant contents.

One of the major benefits of using magazine WordPress themes is that they are designed in such a way that they are capable of offering a practical and solid framework for magazine websites. In addition to that, most WordPress magazine themes are also equipped with a wide variety of options and features that are essential for creating a magazine website.

If you are looking to create a new magazine website or if you wish to redesign your existing magazine site, then you should definitely check out the following set of magazine WordPress themes. All the WordPress magazine templates that are listed below are designed with a clean code and they are also packed with excellent theme features that can help you to easily build a professional magazine website.


You might be probably aware that music composers often use high-frequency sounds. This is done to keep listeners hooked and urge them to hear that song multiple numbers of times. Likewise, experienced and professional web designers incorporate the use of animations and micro-interactions to keep their customers and other internet users occupied on their website. If you are looking for an efficient WordPress magazine theme that will allow you to put up animations and micro-interactions, then Zeen is undoubtedly the best option for you.

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The best thing about Zeen magazine WordPress theme is that it exclusively designed for magazine formats. As a result, a number of demo layouts are available to users who are using this excellent WordPress theme. Another interesting thing you might not know about Zeen magazine WordPress theme is that the demo layouts in it can be customized as per the preference of users. You will need to use the built-in Tipi Builder tool in the theme to customize the layouts.

Zeen magazine WordPress theme also comes with an excellent collection of useful features like the AMP-compatible pages and the MailChimp integration. However, the best and most noticeable feature of this magazine WordPress theme is undoubtedly the animations and micro-interactions. The way in which elements transition across the web page is also extremely smooth and no amount of screen space is actually wasted.

If you are searching for a magazine WordPress theme that will instantly capture the attention of users and urge them to stay in your website, then you do not need to look further because Zeen will satisfy all your website related requirements. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that this excellent WordPress theme crossed 100 sales just 12 hours after going live, which is pretty impressive. So, make sure to check out the Zeen magazine WordPress theme before making a final decision.

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Several website designers and developers often claim that finding user-friendly themes for magazine websites is a difficult and confusing task. If you are unable to identify a suitable user-friendly theme for your website, then you should consider checking out the Newspaper magazine WordPress theme. This excellent theme is the ideal choice for high-traffic websites such as magazines and blogs that regularly post contents across multiple channels or platforms.

This is one of the best and most popular magazine WordPress themes of 2018. In fact, this WordPress theme is currently used by more than 65,000 customers from all over the globe. Website designers will be able to create layouts in two different ways when they are using the Newspaper magazine WordPress theme. You can either do it through the Visual Composer plugin or with the specially crafted tagDiv Composer page builder.

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This WordPress theme also contains an excellent collection of unique pre-built demos, which in turn allows customers to set up and run their website. Customers and others who are visiting your magazine website will be able to easily browse through the different sections of your website. This will surely urge internet users to stay on your magazine website for a very long time.

The built-in Theme Panel of Newspaper magazine WordPress theme enables you to make tweaks to the design of your website. In addition to that, this handy panel features an abundant number of options that will let you fine-tune your magazine website in order to match the exact requirements you have in mind.

If you are using the Newspaper magazine WordPress theme, then you will be able to monetize your magazine website in a number of ways. This fascinating WordPress theme also provides more than 40 social media integrations, which is useful because users will be able to share the posts on their website to multiple numbers of social media platforms without any hassles.

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Extra is a stellar magazine WordPress theme, which incorporates the use of stylish design and drag-and-drop content building in order to ensure a smooth experience to users. What makes Extra magazine WordPress theme unique from other magazine WordPress themes is that it is packed with several unique features that will help you to easily design and maintain a magazine website.

This exceptional magazine WordPress theme utilizes the advanced Divi Builder plugin as a fulcrum in order to create layouts from the homepage to video galleries, syndicated columns, and more. The spectrum for customizing your magazine website will be vast if you are settling for the Extra magazine WordPress theme.

This fascinating WordPress magazine theme is also equipped with dozens of modules that are specifically designed for media outlets. This will give you a wide variety of options to create a magazine website as per your personal preferences. In addition to that, users will even be able to gain access to more than 40 content modules, which will enable them to create new stories with text, images, or videos.

One of the added benefits of using the Extra magazine WordPress theme is that you will be able to plug advertisements into the content stream directly. This is not possible with most of the other magazine WordPress themes, as they will allow you to add advertisements only on the conventional spots on your web page such as the headers and sidebars. So, if you wish to make revenue by putting up ads on your magazine website, then it is best to opt for the Extra WordPress theme.

In addition to that, there are multiple numbers of useful module options available with this theme. For instance, the call to action buttons in the theme will help you to increase the number of subscribers while the person modules can be used to highlight regular contributors or important members of your team. Another noticeable feature of the Extra magazine WordPress theme is slider modules, which offer support for both video backgrounds and parallax.  You can check out:  Bootstrap parallax templates 

Apart from that, you will also be able to find modules that are designed to support corporate and e-commerce websites, portfolio sections for agencies or creative professionals, and SaaS subscription pages. This evidently proves that Extra is not just a standout theme for media publication websites, but it can also be used for different types of websites.

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MH Magazine

Most of the popular and famous magazine websites can be seen bustling with captivating images and eye-catching contents, which means that you will need to use such elements to attract your subscribers and other internet users. However, if you wish to lure in customers to your website, then you will need to have an engaging design along with the above-mentioned elements. This is where a theme like MH Magazine can be of great help to you.

The flexible layout and clean design of this magazine WordPress theme have the ability to engage your subscribers and keep them occupied at your web pages for a greater period of time. This magazine WordPress theme contains a front page template that will help you to make full use of the different set of built-in custom widgets.

Web designers and developers who are settling for this WordPress magazine theme will be able to get access to 26 widget locations. In addition to that, users will even be able to find sections for posting and displaying prominent ads to your site visitors. The excellent Google Fonts selection will make styling your page a simple and time-saving process.

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The wide variety of color options and the excellent custom logo uploader that comes with this WordPress magazine theme will allow you to guarantee that the branding of your website will not be compromised due to style restrictions.

Another important thing you should know about this WordPress magazine theme is that it bundles the FlexSlider 2 plugin. This is crucial because it will enable you to display articles and other important posts prominently on your website. Web designers who are in need of a magazine theme that will help them to design an uncluttered and flexible magazine website should choose the MH Magazine over other magazine WordPress themes.

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If you wish to increase the number of your website subscribers and build a strong online presence, then you will need to offer a fine reading experience to your readers and site visitors. Web designers and developers who want to build a magazine website that guarantees a fine reading experience should consider checking out the MagPlus WordPress magazine theme.

It might come as a surprise to many readers that MagPlus is actually a targeted WordPress magazine theme. This means that this theme will bring a fresh and unique look to your magazine website, which will make your site look unique and different from other WordPress magazine websites. You can check out: How to Change WordPress Theme

 This translation-ready WordPress magazine theme is capable of integrating well with multi-language plugins. In fact, this excellent magazine even has Right to Left (RTL) language options, which will help you to serve and attract readers from all over the world.

In addition, the MagPlus WordPress magazine theme is optimized for Google and other search engines too, which will help internet users to easily find the contents in your magazine website. Users who are visiting your website will be amazed and thrilled with the fast loading time thanks to the features and tools that are included in the MagPlus WordPress magazine theme. The pre-built elements and layouts in the theme will let you create a website that reflects your niche and style.

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If you are unable to identify the best Bootstrap Dashboard Templates and magazine WordPress themes that are accurate for your magazine Website related requirements, then reach out to us, as our expert technicians are here to assist you with that.

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